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Our automatic pasteurizers are highly effective in killing off all pathogenic bacteria with minimal loss of original flavour or nutrient value of the product. It eases the process of heat treatment by reducing the requirement of manual labour. Being automatic and equipped with the latest technology, our pasteurizers can be a valuable addition to your facility. Process Engineers And Associates is recognized as one of the topmost Automatic Pasteurizers Manufacturers In Delhi. Our engineering prowess has allowed us to make several changes in this product to address the little problems. These changes are the reason that our Automatic Pasteurizer Machinery has evolved into a perfect product.

Major Qualities Of Our Automatic Pasteurizer:

  • Elimination Of Pathogens - These pasteurizers are quite effective in eliminating pathogens from the milk so that they can be used in further processes without any concerns.
  • Maintains Nutrient Value - One disadvantage of pasteurization is the loss of nutrient-value but we have designed this machine to minimize the loss of nutrient-value and overall quality of milk.
  • Increased Storage Period - After heating the milk with our pasteurizers, you can store them for several days without degrading its quality.

Our company is one of the distinguished Automatic Milk Pasteurization Plant Exporters and Suppliers In India. You can place your order right now by getting in touch with us.

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